SOLO CRM REQUEST DEMO Best Solution for Customer Relationship Management

SOLO is an advanced solution for complete management of customer relation (CRM) aiming to enhance the selling process and upgrade its insights through multiple functions allowing sales processes organization from the beginning till the end

It’s one of INFOCUS-MIS’ ERP systems & the fruits of efforts since 1997 & beyond of continuous experience in different management information systems

SOLO is providing various solutions and modern technical functions in the field of customer relationship management. These functions facilitate the process of clients’ data entry and organization & categorization according to specific pre-defined categories suiting your business industry, in addition to the process of opportunities assessment to reach best clients acquisition rate and converting leads into actual clients

In addition to other advanced technologies in data analysis and reporting in visualized manner to give wider vision over data resulting to better conclusion and outputs


Customers data management is one critical role for any successful customer relationship management system, it's the backbone of the system that all other processes fall under


Accounts module in SOLO CRM will store all information specific to a company that your organization has a relationship with. Single or multiple contacts can be associated to an account and can help to keep track of important company insights

Within the SOLO CRM Calls module, users can schedule and log a record of inbound and outbound calls which can be associated with an account


Also you can re-view schedules of calls facilitating the process of follow-up of each client individually

The Contacts module within SOLO CRM will store details of all people that your business has had communications with


Contacts are usually associated with an Account and Opportunity and some contacts may belong to different departments within a company as well as subsidiaries of parent organizations


SOLO CRM contacts are typically converted from qualified leads or added once a relationship with the contact has been established


The Cases module can be used to record and manage interactions with customers who have requested help or advice with the products or service purchased from your company. Every case record may relate to other records such as calls, bugs and also contacts making it easy for users to get the full picture of the customer’s experience


This module helps reaching best future results based on studying current clients’ cases and establish better decision making system

The Documents module can be used as a repository for Customer issued or internal files. This content can be uploaded, revised and viewed in addition to relating to individual records within SOLO CRM 


Databases and data storage is one critical role in any CRM that’s looking towards the future via futuristic data analytical methods


Also enabling the user to recall stored data professionally

SOLO CRM makes it easy to track, evaluate and manage campaigns. It helps in marking the various stages, importing targeted contacts, associating all the tasks, events, and calls related to the campaign. It also gives a detailed view of all marketing campaigns an individual customer has been a part of, such as email marketing campaigns


In addition, you can view all campaigns through the system and come up with multiple functioning reports

The products module within SOLO CRM contains a catalogue of the products or services provided by your business, which users can select from when preparing Quotes


The system is providing various techniques and templates in preparing products/services catalogues in order to express value of each product/service in best possible way. Also you can prepare these catalogues and send them to specific clients via the system enabling quick and easy application of the feature

The Quotes module in SOLO CRM allows your organisation to create, track and issue quotations to customers and outlines the requested product, the specified time it will take to deliver it and the agreed price. A Quote can easily be converted into an Invoice within the system. PDF versions of the quote can also be created based on the quote details and sent to the customer


Contracts can be associated with an Account or Case within SOLO CRM as these can include details of any agreed support hours. The Contracts module can also be used to manage contract renewal dates


Typically Targets are used as the recipients of a Marketing Campaign, your organization knows very little about these individuals and they may be re-used for new Campaigns or deleted without any impact to the business


The Target Lists module within SOLO CRM works in conjunction with the Campaign module to assign individual or multiple target lists to a certain campaign, such as email marketing campaigns

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SOLO CRM can assist Users with productivity, offering a way to record, relate and assign Tasks and to-do items that require action


Specifying deadlines and orders for dailywork tasks is a very critical role that totally changes productivity for most of company’s embloyees, in addition to creating a responsible workflow with dedicated members

The Workflow module in SOLO CRM allows the automation of actions based on certain conditions set within the Smart CRM data. This allows you as a business, to eliminate the need for laborious, manual tasks to be performed by your team, freeing up their time for what matters most


Creating a dynamic workflow with less time to lose is the route towards highest productivity levels for a single manpower, it’s the mindset of large corporates.

The Notes module in SOLO CRM can be used to keep a record of any comments, observations or explanations that a user may have relating internally to their organization or relating to another SOLO CRM record such as an Account, Contact, Lead and many more. Notes are also used to keep record of all the interactions with your Customers


Databases in SOLO CRM are very powerful as we’re working on ORACLE Databases. Thus, creating a dynamic data flow for all important notes and data stored

The Bug module within SOLO CRM can be used to record and track bugs in the products/ services that you offer. Whether the bug was found internally or by a customer, as it is worked on and resolved, its progress will be identified by the Status field


Identifying, recording and documenting bugs are very vital proccesses in order to enhance quality for customers with accumulative database of recent bugs helping creating best softwares in the market


SOLO CRM’s Reports module allows users to build, generate, and manage reports on modules in the SOLO CRM, for example reports on the current opportunities your sales users are working on and where they are in your sales funnel in order to produce sales forecasts. Reporting is a valuable tool as it allows users to gather data from various different modules to generate vital information for their business in real-time


Powerful reporting is equal to better decision making, better status overview, higher customer satisfaction

This module within SOLO CRM allows you to create document templates. These templates can be used for Quotes, Invoices and Contracts. Having a strong template module can help you greatly save time creating these type of documents and re-direct time for more important tasks

The administration panel holds settings for SOLO CRM user accounts and security access settings. Here, System Administrators can configure roles with various access types for SOLO CRM modules. The role’s access type for a particular module determines how much control the users in that role have over the module being accessed


Better administrative properties are a key feature in scaling up your business and management

Capability of following-up with your clients and update their data wherever you’re is one key feature in advnaced customer relationship management systems. Therefore, SOLO CRM has developed the mobile app that’s going to be your partner everywhere


You can check your list of leads and their current status, add follow-up dates, and other specifications and actions you can have


The user can also edit and change data in his database that’s connected to the network resulting in data edits completely without any bugs or mistakes concerning re-tasking


Via the mobile app, you can access all marketing campaigns settled through your account, observe, edit, and optimize them


In addition to many other features you can observe during your DEMO upon request