RDMS ERP REQUEST DEMO Best Solution for Real Estate Development

RDMS is an advanced solution for complete management of Real Estate Development (ERP) aiming to enhance selling system in addition contracts, installments and delivery of units

It’s one of INFOCUS-MIS’ ERP systems & the fruits of efforts since 1997 & beyond of continuous experience in different management information systems

This system features great level of flexibility and ease of use. It allows addition or change of any user different preferences easily

This system is aiming to create a unique real estate control system connecting automatically between different real estate operations such as real estate marketing, contracts, installements and others

You can integrate current the system with current systems and databases, because RDMS is working on most powerful databases ORACLE that enables easy transaction of data and keeping its security veru efficiently. In addition to connecting data with internet allowing using the system anytime in a secure way

Also, the system is enabling supervision on users of the system and their different operations allowing managerial level to have very powerful, secure wide vision

With RDMS’ unique features, your real estate development company will totally be in a new different levels of management over all planning, executive & supervising aspects

That’s via comprehensive integration of different modules of the system such as marketing, contracts, installments, call center, projects, stages and units, selling policies, rents, expenses, contracting, delivery and others

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing systems are the backbone of real estate companies. Without processes of generating qualified leads and following-up with them, a real estate company will not be able to keep competing in the market especially in such a competitive time for real estate in Egypt

RDMS is featuring many great features regarding real estate marketing, starting with real estate customer relationship management that allows total management of clients’ data in organized and practical mannar in addition to categorization of clients into specific lists according to specific real estate important determinants in order to have best vision and dynamic in dealing with data

Data organization processes lead to best marketing campaigns applicable results through developing and personalization of specific campaigns for each category of leads/opportunities in order to increase their conversion rate into actual clients

In addition to the ability of the system to rate clients and categorize them according to real estate marketing rating determinants starting from interested client, visitor, investor, then actual client

The system has great flexibility in dealing with and creating databases of clients, projects, departments, sections, units, units components, payment and contracting methods…etc

Clearance of units specifications and information in selling processes is very unique in this system as it facilitates selling process greatly through easy visualization for leads, the system features great flexibility in visualizing the unit in different states according to clients’ needs

In addition to integration with other system components leading to great time and effort saving, and increating performance of saving and recalling needed data and following-up different selling units

RDMS is providing many unique features compared to others. RDMS is providing an automatic simulation system for clients through internet or mobile SMS or E-mail

Also, the system provides another automatic system for after-sale service as it’s providing data and answers for most frequently asked questions facilitating active follow-up for the client and units

In addition to availability of modern customer follow-up techniques for installments reminders, new projects announcements, new features and others

Also, the system is generating very efficient reports according to analytics and insights generated by analysis tools in the system leading to sales forecasting in the future according to different determinants


RDMS system by INFOCUS-MIS is featuring great flexibility in making contracts in addition to premade templates that suit different and different forms of real estate contracts

Using this system is very easy as it’s connected to databases automatically and directly generating contracts in a an automated mannar. Also, you can integrate with different system’s modules concerning contracts generation

The system enables you to register visits of suspected customers, reserving and making contracts over units as these visits are being set on the project map and reserved on the general site

Also, the system is featuring great flexibility with different designs of client’s data and addressing the customer, in addition to having many types of premade templates to use

Also, the system is featuring great flexibility with different designs of client’s data and addressing the customer, in addition to having many types of premade templates to use


RDMS from INFOCUS-MIS is featuring great flexibility in creating and managing many types of installments and scheduling the installment process and payments. In addition to quick and efficient selling process using this system and automatic creation of all needed documents to complete contract and prepare for installments and various payments

Also, the flexibility in integrating between different payment methods and installment systems, and controlling installment policies and downpayments and even late-payments fees and others

This system provides full documentation of clients’ data whether he’s an individual, corporates, investors, sales representatives and others using unlimited number of installment methods as the user can determine installment process and components

In addition to many other features and options for installments re-scheduling in the best suitable way for the client and the company

Integration between INFOCUS systemts