PALM ERP REQUEST DEMO Complete Financial System

PALM is a comprehensive ERP system, it’s a resource management plan for organizations as it’s the base for all other INFOCUS-MIS developed systems serving different industries and activities withing different national and international markets with the aim of increasing productivity within different organizations anf companies and enhance their administrative processes

It’s one of INFOCUS-MIS’ ERP systems & the fruits of efforts since 1997 & beyond of continuous experience in different management information systems

This system is featuring full control over all finanical processes within the organization and their branches. Financial system is divided into 3 main parts in the system; 1. General Ledger. 2. Fixed Assets. 3. Cash and Banks. In addition to accounts and clients

In addition, the system also have the ability to control logitstics within the organization and its branches. Logistics part is divided into 2 main parts; 1.Supplies and procurement. 2. Inventory

Palm is the backbone for all other systems regarding financial and logistics sectors, as it’s considered a critical part in creating and forming other systems developed by INFOCUS-MIS

Financial System

Management of all financial concerns

Fixed Assets

PALM system has the ability to fully control and monitor fixed assets within the organization as the system creates a complete tree multi-level file for fixed assets and accepts unlimited number of assets and unlimited number of movements on each asset

This system has been designed to serve differnt industries as the user has the ability to pick application method and work cycel in the best suitable mannar for his entity

You’re able to monitor all movements on each asset whether from depreciation and scrapping to selling, elimination and re-assesment

This system features the ability to completely monitor assets, as you can observe all expenses made on assets and connect them to the general ledger program making the process of monitoring assets expenses more easy. In addition to monitoring materials and spare parts expensed on each asset and connect them to inventory system and monitor maintenance on assets and its effects

The user has great flexbility in dealing with depreciation and its calculation and installement calculations in many different ways. Also, there’s more than a method for monthly depreciation calculation for fixed assets the user can choose from such as depreciation from the date of purchase, depreciation from the next month to purchase date, depreciation from the time the asset got into work. In addition, the system has flexibilities to make eliminations and additions to the assets or parts of the assets in addition to managing custodial assets and movements made on those assets such as transferring it from an individual to another, in addition to flexible management of assets locations and movements between locations

Also, the system features all items of assets actions monitoring, allowing wider vision and accurate look over the organization assets, in addition to comprehensive monitoring of custodial fixed assets and their movements. In addition to all types of eliminations whether it’s temporary or permenant and their effects on financial system

The system is also enabling complete monitoring of production capacity of these assets making it possible to forcast and predict assets production values and depreciation rates with the ability of continuous according to maintenance reports

General Ledger

This system is featuring great control in the sector of general ledger within your organization as its featuring easy use and providing documents system with automatic financial direction under supervision of one side or multiple sides of financial directory

Unlimited flexible features of this system enabling it to deal with different finanical years and financial documental groups, in addition to umlimited currencies and exchanges with local currency

Using this system, the user will be able to save much time and effort through creating financial tree guide with great flexibility and umlimited levels according to management vision in the shape of outmes and statistics needed, also in the data viewing needs which are taken into consideration while creating the financial guide, in addition to flexibility of tree guide in creating multiple holding companies groups, each grop has unlimited number of following companies enabling having general reports and specified reports according to specific determinants in each holding group

Data analytics within this system is done very effeciently, you can use unlimited analytical journals, and analytical cost centers in tree level with unlimited number of analytical determinants

By default, the system provides usual financial outcomes from financial lists, general balance review, general ledger and supporting ledger and others.. Also it’s providing final accounts and final finanical lists such as cash flows, revenue and losses, trades and operations and their expected balance sheets

This system is effectively flexible as it designs fianncial outcomes in the mannar suitable for the organization’s finanical deprartment achieving best results for the management’s needs. This system is also providing effective comparison methods between financial years giving wider analytical vision for fianncial inputs of the organization

Also providing categorization of finanical periods within single financial year allowing to have comparisons between different financial periods within the same year and use analytical methods on them

In addition to providing flexible, easy-to-use reports manager allowing users to create very effective reports ana analytical statistcis, and different financial rates without any technical knowledge

Cash and Banks

Through this system, you will be able to control all matters regarding credit facilities, such as being notified with all types of credit facilities in details, creating a credit pot and monitoring all financial movements affecting it, in addition to categorization of types of these facilities and monitoring all actions affecting it which guarantees a very efficient view

In addition, this system enables monitoring all types of bank deposits and their date of creation, nature of interests, all movements and actions affecting them to ensure a very wide and effective view over these bank deposits

The system is integrated with documentary credit systems and letters of guarantee from a side, and procurement and suppliers and their payments whether in cash or bank actions from another side, in addition to integration with sales and accounts and movements related to clients receipts whether in cash or bank action from a third side. All of these in addition to other additional auxiliary movements regarding financial actions affecting cash and banks, and then financial directions and constraints made due to that and their effects in general ledger providing a comprehensive integration between all systems related to cash and banks movements assuring dynamic, accurate processessing in the system

Also, the system is enabling full control over treasury, as you can support any number of company’s treasuries in a specific site or various sites, in addition to supporting any movements and actions done within these treasuries whether in cash or incoming and outgoing cheques. In addition, the user also has the ability to connect exchange data with treasury actions, and then specifying permissions providing great safety in treasury action, also you can monitor treasury inventory checking from cash or incoming and outgoing cheques very easily

As well as the ability of the system to fully control movements of banks enabling easy banking such as automatic generation of bank statements, accounts monitoring, banking services and financial money actions

The system can monitor different cheque movements and actions as it can monitor incoming cheque movements and incoming money, its location, status, and categories. Also you can monitor outgoing cheques movements from the company within all stages and categories, and in the end connecting cheque movements with specific accounts and bank accounts to enable easy processing within these cheques. In addition to having flexible bank reconciliation notes to compare between bank statements with all movements to check credit within the system for all banks. The system also provides the ability to print incoming and outgoing cheques automatically


Sales and Accounts

Sales and Accounts program from PALM aims to fully managing and controlling selling actions occuring within the organization or the company whether being quotations, sales bills, returns or outcomes, as the system has the ability to cover all sorts of sales and collections and different methods for monitoring clients accounts

Abilities within this system in controlling pricing categories and policies varies, as you have the ability to make sales charts comparisons for specific sites and locations with forcasted values, actual values, and recent values, and make sales comparisons for items, representatives, time periods in terms of volume of targeted sales and actual volume within recent years of work

The user can make unlimited pricing lists to make pricing process for each specific group of clients. Also the credit limits of clients are being monitored and notified once maximum limit is reached

This system helps to monitor and supervise every action in order to avoid any mistakes or problems due to lack of supervision of supplying requests in all types, and it follows the remaining and delivered amounts, or monitoring clients’ debt lifetime with the ability to change debt lifetime or monitor quotations delivered and measure the percentages of accepted and rejected offers and quotations

Flexibility is one great feature within this system, as you have maximum level of flexibility in defining types of discounts whether in fixed amounts or percentages, and flexibility in defining types of additives and taxes in all various types

Is there an ability to calculate the discount amount on the total bills? The system allows calculating discounts, additives, taxes in terms of total bills or even specific number of bills

According to our vision to develop the program of sales and accounts regularly, this effective system made by INFOCUS-MIS is providing the ability to extract sales commissions automatically from the system according to specific equations in calculating commissions and following-up with different stages for money income and cheques in addition to complete integration between Sales and Accounts program and Cash and banks program

Also the system is supporting e-invoicing and e-taxes

Logistics System

Management of all logistical concerns


Inventory program from PALM works mainly on covering all warehouses movements in addition to monitor its historical movements for different items, the system is featuring many important feature facilitating dealing with all items in different types in terms of their categories, units, nature in addition and expense, in addition to enormous amount of methods to generate reports facilitating vision of every small piece of in information regrading these items

One of this system’s features is monitoring warehouses capacities and defining them according to each separate warehouse individually

The system is providing many different options helping you monitoring warehouses and inventory more effectively as you can query the balance of stagnant items that haven’t moved in any warehouse with defining stagnancy determinants, in addition to query the balance of reserved balance and free requested balance for any item from all items within the warehouse

The user can also query the finanical amounts for an individual item in an individual warehouse or over all inventory stocks, in addition to generating different reports regarding the process of checking the inventory within a specific warehouse

Permissions, control and inventory supervision is one critical feature in this system to ensure safety and effectiveness in controlling inventory, as you can select and categorize permissions for each user individually regarding his/her inventory related tasks and duties

This system is very flexible with the ability to integrate with other systems such as procurement and sales systems, financial systems such as general ledger and others assuring the registration and data entry of all information in a dynamic integrative process

Also, the user can detect an item’s place within the warehouse and complete checking process on that specific site, in addition to specifying checking committee of employees. In addition, you can make inventory exchange of stocks between warehouses. Also you can make minutes of coalition on items within the warehouse

Suppliers and Procurement

Suppliers and procurement program from PALM aims to cover all different movements regarding suppliers and the cycle of procurement from requesting needs, quotations, purchasing orders, payments, returns, in addition to all related notifications

This system features the ability to accommodate different policies and regulations of procurement being followed with taking into consideration difference of working nature as flexibility is needed to build the procurement cycle according to nature of work and its needs

In addition, the system helps monitoring all requests of needs from the organization in different departments and sections and controlling replacements of warehouse needs according to inventory plan and limitations of re-requesting and minimum level of inventory

As well as providing a methodology of studying quotations from suppliers to reach best suitable ordering of the quotations according to policies and regulations of procurement that the user control in the settings dashboard

Also, the accurate monitoring and follow-up of purchasing orders and storage of supplied materials enabling the organization to monitor its plan in supplying all needed materials from the procurement department

This system is featuring great flexibility in defining taxes according to organization’s current situation, and defining other additives and their method of application. In addition to creating a complete file for movements of notifications related to the supplier and their effect on the financial statement creating a great supervisal view over suppliers’ files and their status

Categorization of suppliers is one importnant features of the system, as you can find out grades for each supplier and know the one with most returns, in addition to automatically prevent dealing with black-listed suppliers

In addition to integration between this system and other branched related systems from inventory, cash and banks, general ledger and documents automatically achieving comprehensive integration, accuracy in outputs, and saved effort and time