EXTREME ERP REQUEST DEMO Best Solution for Construction & Tender Management

EXTREME is an advanced soltuion for complete management of bidding and contracting costs (ERP) and full control of all aspects of this vital sector regarding Bids, projects, subcontractors, dues received from subcontractors, executed works, extracts issued from revenues generated from executed works and contracting costs

It’s one of INFOCUS-MIS’ ERP systems & the fruits of efforts since 1997 & beyond of continuous experience in different management information systems

This system is built on the most powerful databases in the market ORACLE enabling it to automatically load data of companies, contractors, and business items on the system from any other system previously used for the organization

EXTREME is serving all different types of contracting companies whether they’re executing their own projects or executing others

INFOCUS’ contracting management system from INFOCUS is consisting of some parts concerned with planning and other concerned with monitoring and analysis for daily activities of the organization

EDGE is a comprehensive, Multilanguage software solution built on most powerful databases in the market ORACLE enabling to serve various types of automotive different services

The system integrates optionally with the financial system “PALM” and human resources system “HRTS” forming one complete unit covering all needs of the organization

Also, some other industry-related systems can be integrated such as “RDMS” for complete management of real estate development

We’ll be featuring next the most important features that INFOCUS has been putting in this vital ERP system

This system is featuring great flexibility. Processes within the system are in the form of cycles with start and end points “Process Flow” with specifying levels within the system according to the vision of the manager of department, section or sector within the company granting it the ability to work under different company’s policies & regulations

EXTREME cares about every piece of detail within the project as it enables the user to registered detailed data for workers volume, machines, all contractors and companies to be prepared whenever requested, defining their hourly rate for the project. In addition, it enables following-up with contractors’ financial and technical offers automatically through the system, also detailed registration of projects’ components with the ability to register sites pictures within the database

In addition, the system enables the user to categorize projects exacted according to contractors and time and monitoring each project expenses individually

The system is featuring multi-functioning ad you can prepare extracts for the contractor based on committees formed by the company to determine the validity of the works submitted by the contractor, and automatically registered within the system

Also, the system grants the capability of dealing with projects according to the type of contract such as working via percentages or via amounts or both

EXTREME is super accurate, you can calculate the extract very accurately in very efficient time, and calculate fines very accurately, also calculate Calculation of benefits, deductions, and the value of items spent during the extract period, in addition to calculating expenses of machines and workers of the contractor very accurately to fully determine the volume of the project

This system features great reporting tools along with visualized statistics and comparisons for better insightful data and better upcoming project management

We understand how important project data analysis is for making up a wider overview of all situations which consequently lead to making better decisions in tough times, and monitoring all actions concerning the project until its end

EXTREME gives the capability of measuring, analyzing, and comparing movements of direct and indirect expenses, and measuring, analyzing and comparing between movements of cost units on a single site or multiple sites together

Also enabling you to measure, analyze and compare between movements of cost units for different execution stages within the project in terms of each department and section and in terms of each project or multiple projects

Ability of continuous monitoring for project movements is greatly important in this INFOCUS system, as you can follow-up with and compare estimated budgets for the projects of cost units, and monitor movements of extracts in all its different types from services, supplies…etc

Via this system you’ll have the ability to monitor movements of tenders and get comparison reports between offers, in addition to monitoring movements of direct supplies from material & raw material and their effects

As well as comparing between costs of bid clauses and estimated budget of the project and actual current expenses to detect positive or negative deviations

In addition to monitoring contracts, internal & external execution, clients deliveries, also customer account statements when integrating with financial system “PALM” as mentioned

The system enables entering terms in conditions booklet issued by the project owner or tendering side, consequently, you also can generate conditions booklet for subcontractors whether for all terms of the tender or stage, or just a part

EXTREME ERP Operating Items Tree